Steel Belt Pastillator

  • Steel Belt Pastillator
  • Steel Belt Pastillator
  • Steel Belt Pastillator
  • Steel Belt Pastillator
  • Steel Belt Pastillator
  • Steel Belt Pastillator
Steel Belt PastillatorSteel Belt PastillatorSteel Belt PastillatorSteel Belt PastillatorSteel Belt PastillatorSteel Belt Pastillator

Steel Belt Pastillator

  • Capacity: 500-5000kg/h
  • Certification: CE
  • Product description: JTRF series pastillators are designed for forming and cooling molten material such as sulphur, fertilizer, wax, PE wax, PP wax, stearic acid, adictive, fatty acid, calcium chloride, rosin resin, ink r

Steel Belt Pastillator

1. Process Overview

Molten material flows through heat tracing pipe into distributor in the front of the pastillator and then drops continuously and evenly onto surface of moving steel belt.
The molten material drops lose heat to cooling water through excellent heat conductive stainless-steel belt and change into solid particles during moving. The solid product is then removed from steel belt and get into packing process.
Cooling water won’t contact with molten material in the pastillator system. The uncontaminated cooling water can be recycled or discharged without pollution to the environment.
No or very little dust generated or gas release during cooling process.
Machine surface areas adjacent to moving parts of pastillator are equipped with shields. Built-in interlock switch, speed & overload protection, emergency brake system ensures operation safety.

Following is an example for such process:

2. Design and manufacturing of Jingtao pastillators

All Jingtao steel belt pastillators are designed and manufactured according to German industrial standards and practices for maximum reliability and service life.


3. Advantages

JT4000 pastillator is the latest upgraded model which features easy to maintain, better sealing performance, anti-carbonization, bearing housing easy to clean, nice particle quality and longer service life that cuts down maintenance cost and meets the need to pastillate chemicals with high/low temperature, high/low viscosity and those easy to carbonize.

Chemical particle quality: There is no need to do further sorting for particles made by JT4000 pastillator. The particle size is determined by machine design and related parameter setting. The whole solidification is under well control to gain uniform particle form.

● Less occupied area, continuous operation and high productivity.

Nice forma and over 95% forming rate, litte discharge dust, high heap density and save packing material.

● Low investment & energy consumption, easy to use.
● High quality corrosion resistant and long life steel belt suitable for variety of molten materials.


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