Steel Belt Flaker

  • Single steel belt flaker
  • Single steel belt flaker
  • Single steel belt flaker
Single steel belt flakerSingle steel belt flakerSingle steel belt flaker

Single steel belt flaker

  • Capacity: 1500-6500kg/h
  • Certification: CE
  • Product description: JT sing belt flaking system is an advanced and economical choice for chemical industries such as sulphur, wax, power coating, hot melt stearic acid, addictive, neopentyl glycol, rpoxy resin, rosin res


  1. PLC control with speed, liquid level, motor thermal protection.
  2. Built-in electrical interlock switches or emergency stop devices for safty operation.
  3. Machine surface areas adjacent to moving parts are equipped with shields.
  4. No contact contamination to material handled and recycling cooling water.


  1. Less occupied area, continuous operation and high productivity.
  2. Reducing dust and improving working environment.
  3. Low investment & energy consumption, easy to use.
  4. High quality corrosion resistant and long life steel belt suitable for variety of molten materials.


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